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2.4 Form & Structure

2.5 Processing Time and Extension

2.6 Assessment & Report

2.7 Submission

2.8 Colloquium/ Thesis Defence

2.9 Restriction note & Confidentiality questions

2.10 Declaration of Authorship

2.11 Degree & Certificates

3. Extra modules & Electives

4. Admission to the course

5. Recognition

6. Summer / Winter School

7. Study/Stay Abroad

General Information

1. Examinations

1. Illness/compensatory measures

2. Enrolment, support, design and submission of theses in general

6. Registration for exams

7. Evaluation of exams, objections

8. Extra modules, evaluations and certificate

Additional Information

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Corona-Pandemia: Special Regulations

Please note the Corona Special Regulations for the MBA program in winter semester 2020/2021

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Counselling Services

Here you will find an overview of the advisory services for students. The services offered cover study guidance and academic counselling as well as social counselling or legal advice.