Tuition Fee

The tuition fees are set by the Steering Committee of h_da. The tuition fees for the MBA programme amount to € 23.800 (part-time) and € 24.800 (full-time). They cover all expenses for teaching, books, learning materials and institutional costs. The tuition fee can either be paid in monthly instalments or in semester instalments. Fees are payable in 24 monthly instalments or four semester instalments for the part-time programme. For the full-time programme the fees can be paid in 18 monthly instalments or three semester instalments. 

Semester Fee

In addition all students matriculated at h_da are required to pay the semester fees, which are approximately € 270 per semester. They cover a ticket for public transport, discount on "Call a Bike" service, as well as various student services and access to a broad range of sports and cultural activities.


The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da) – University of Applied Sciences offers Scholarships for outstanding personalities. 

Alumni of h_da?

Alumni of Hochschule Darmstadt obtain a discount of 20% on the tuition fees.