Accreditation/Recognition of competences

If you acquire competences prior or parallel to your studies which are also targeted in your studies, you can have these competences recognised or credited if they are equivalent in terms of level, content and scope.

There are basically two forms of recognition/accreditation - individual and blanket. With individual recognition, you submit a separate application for each module that you would like to have credited. Blanket accreditation means, that for some courses or programmes the university has examined the possibility of recognition in advance and you only have to submit one application form for several modules. In the MBA programmes we do only offer individual recognition at the time being.

There is also a distinction in the recognition/accreditation of university and non-university achievements. Higher education achievements are certified achievements that you have acquired in another degree programme and possibly at another university. Extra-curricular achievements are all achievements and competences that you have not acquired at a university - whether formally in the context of further education or informally, for example through work experience. 

Further information about the accredidation of competences can be found in our guideline (Pdf-Datei, 454,4 KB). Further information on the recognition procedure and all forms and completion aids can be found in our
Form Center. Please check the Process for recognition of competences (Pdf-Datei, 19,0 KB) before you fill in or submit an application form.

If a module is successfully accredited, the participation fee for your degree programme is reduced by the corresponding fee for the module. Please note that applications for recognition are subject to a processing fee which is offset against the fee reduction. You will find the exact amount of the pro-rata reduction as well as the processing fee in the fee schedule for your degree programme (Part-Time (Pdf-Datei, 68,1 KB) and Full-Time (Pdf-Datei, 68,3 KB)).