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Form Center

On several occasions during your studies, you will or may need to apply for something with a certain form. On this page, we have collected all relevant forms for your studies.

We will constantly add and update this page. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact the responsible staff member in the administration. 

Registrations for exams are done via QIS, so you do not need any form for that. Re-registration for the upcoming semester is done by transfering the respective semester fee, so you will not need any form for that, too.

If you acquire competences prior to your studies or parallel to your studies which are also targeted in your studies, you can have these competences recognised or credited if they are equivalent in terms of level, content and scope.

If a module successfully accredited, the participation fee for your degree programme is reduced by the corresponding fee for the module. Please note that applications for recognition are subject to a processing fee which is offset against the fee reduction. You will find the exact amount of the pro-rata reduction as well as the processing fee in the fee schedule for your degree programme (Part-Time and Full-Time).

Application Procedure

Recognition of competences acquired inside higher education

Recognition of competences acquired outside higher education

You can generate your study certificate, study progress certificate, BAFöG certificate, grade overview and the receipt for your semester contribution via the QIS system and download them as PDF files. You can find further information and a video tutorial on this subject on the IT Services pages

If you need any other certificate, please contact the administration of your degree programme.

Upon de-registration, your membership at the Hochschule Darmstadt ends and with it your status as a student. If you duly complete your studies by passing the examination, you will automatically be de-registered at the end of the semester in question.

If you wish to apply for de-registration for any other reason or on the current date, please use the following form: Application for de-registration. The form is only available in German language. If you need any assistance, please contact the administrative staff.

Please make sure you read the information provided by the Student Service Centre on de-registration. Please also note that de-registration does not release you from your obligations under your study contract.

Please note that your de-registration does not automatically take place at the end of your final semester if you re-register for the next semester as a precautionary measure before your graduation date is entered in the system. By re-registering, you are still enrolled and will not be automatically de-registered until the end of the next semester. Please de-register yourself accordingly at the end of the semester in which you graduated.

If you wish to take leave of absence for one or more semesters, you need to apply for it in due time using this form: Antrag auf Beurlaubung. The form is only available in German language. If you need assistance, please get in touch with the administrative staff.

Please make sure you read the information provided by the Student Service Centre and the points concerning a semester of leave of absence in your study agreement.

Please note that

  • applications for leave of absence must be submitted during the re-registration period
  • the application can only be granted if there is good cause
  • you are generally not allowed to take any examinations during a semester of leave of absence.
  • both the semester fee and the attendance fee are also due in semesters on leave of absence.
  • under certain circumstances a refund of the RMV ticket is possible. This is decided by the AStA of the Hochschule Darmstadt.

In order to use the services of the university library, you have to create a user account once. To do so, please fill out the application for user registration and have your Campus Card activated for library use at one of the issue counters. 

In addition to the completed application form and the Campus Card, you need a valid identity card or residence permit or an EU identity card/passport in conjunction with a current registration certificate or a tenancy agreement. 

Please consult the information provided by the library for further information. The information is only provided in German language, but the library staff will gladly give you any relevant information and answer your questions in English language. 

In the following you will find the necessary forms for the registration to your master's thesis. You initiate the processing period with your registration. Further information on your thesis module can be found in the section FAQ & Manuals, in the examination regulations for your degree programme and in the FAQ of the examination board.

You do not have to register separately for the colloquium. You will schedule the date with your first and second supervisor after submitting your thesis.

Please remember to re-register for the coming semester as a precautionary measure if your deadline or the colloquium is after the re-registration period. If you have not re-registered and your colloquium is postponed to the following semester (e.g. due to illness), you cannot complete your studies! On the other hand, you can easily get the semester fee you have paid refunded if you were able to complete your studies in the current semester.

Under certain circumstances it is possible to have the semester fee refunded. The reasons for this are a precautionary re-registration in the final semester (full refund) and a change of university (pro-rata refund). In addition, you can have any overpayment of fees refunded.

Please use this form for all refunds of semester fees. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant staff at the Student Service Center

Under certain circumstances, it is possible to have the share of the semester fee that is attributable to the RMV ticket refunded. The AStA of the Hochschule Darmstadt is responsible for this.

All information on the semester ticket and the online application for a refund can be found here. Please scroll to the section with information in English language.

Please note that a refund is not possible for the only reason that you do not wish to use the ticket. All possible reasons for a refund can also be found on the AStA website

Are you currently studying in the MBA programme or have you graduated and have successfully recommended the programme to someone else? Then we would like to thank you!

Please fill out the following form together with the student(s) you have recruited and return it to us: Confirmation of recommendation by students.

You can find further information under Tell a Friend.


MBA Students

Semester Dates

Here you can find an overview of important dates for your study organisation.

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