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Exam Reminder

Never again forget to register in time for an exam - just sign in for the exam reminder.

Please note that you must register for each exam you wish to take at least 14 days prior to the exam date. It is not possible to register later than this. You can find the registration deadlines in the course schedules or in QIS.

The reminder will be sent to your h_da mailbox around three weeks prior to the exam to give you sufficient time to register via HISQIS.

How to subscribe our exam reminder newsletter for MBA-students:

Visit Down right at 'Datenpflege für Studierende' register with your h_da-account.

  1. In the paragraph 'Newsletter-Abonnements ändern' tick the box next to
  2. 'FBW Prüfungserinnerungen (MBA)'
  3. Important: Finally click 'Speichern'.

The subscription is activated at night and valid from the following day.

Please report problems you encountered and suggestions for improvement to the MBA Exmination Board.


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