Foto: Ulrich Mathias

Darmstadt - City of Science

The city of Darmstadt is located in the Rhine-Main region, which is well-known as the economic hub of Europe and Germany’s most cosmopolitan region. The fully-developed infrastructure attracts multinational companies to the region and enables very good transportation to nearly any place in Europe making it easy  for you to explore every spot you like.

Darmstadt is the „City of Science“. This designation, which was lent to the city in 1997 with a certificate by the Hessian ministry of the Interior, recognises the national and international meaning of the city in the areas of science and research. Darmstadt earned the title through centuries of growth. With its high proportion of employees in the sectors of research and science on the job market, the city adopts a country-wide leading position. Darmstadt has an unusually high concentration of businesses, institutions and associations of extraordinary quality. Globally operating companies such as MerckSoftware AGKao Germany,  Evonik-Röhm , Schenk-Process or Schenck-Rotec have distinctive departments of research and development at their disposal. Today one out of ten inhabitants works in research or developement. The demand for qualified employees in the city exceeds what the region can supply.

Besides the centre of the region, Frankfurt am Main, the surrounding cities are not less worth a visit. Nearby, you will find many cities rich of culture such as Frankfurt am Main (20 min.), Heidelberg (40 min.) or Mainz (20 min.). Frankfurt, Germany’s financial centre, is the head-quarter of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the hometown of Johann-Wolfgang von Goethe. Heidelberg is known for its famous castle and stunning flair in its historic centre. Bright carnival is celebrated in Mainz and many heritage sites take you back in the past.