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English Proficiency Test

The testing dates for winter term 2019 are

  • 11th April 2019
  • 27th June 2019
  • 11th July 2019
  • 22nd August 2019

To register for the test, please send the Registration form via e-mail to You will receive further information along with your registration confirmation. Please note, that a registration is only possible in conjunction with an application for our program of study!

Our In-House-English-language-test will take approximately 60 – 90 minutes. It will evaluate the following branches of your language-capability:

  1. Reading capability
  2. Writing capability
  3. Conversational capability

Parts 1 & 2 will take place in written form, while part 3 will be conducted as an interview or discussion (depending on the number of participants).

With this test, we intend to assess your current capability of the english language and if your language abilities will be sufficient to follow the lectures of our MBA-Programme. Therefore, particular preparation for the test is not necessary. If you still want to practice though, we recommend taking any opportunities to engage actively in the english language. For example: Speaking english in your company on a regular basis is the best form of preparation.

We charge a handling fee of €50 for the test.

We accept the following most common certificates, as well as equivalent certificates of other institutions:

IELTS, min. Score 6.5

TOEFL, min. Score 88 (online-based)

Cambridge Certificates

  • FCE First Certificate of English (General English, B2), Grade A
  • BEC Vantage (B2), Grade B or better
  • BEC Higher (C1), Grade C or better

Or vist our English Proficiency Test for International Applicants site to learn more about our new web based english test.

More Information

Next intake: October 2019

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Visitors welcome

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