English Proficiency Test for Applicants

Applicants, who have sufficient english language skills, but no corresponding test certificate can now take an web based English language test.

Testing dates for winter term 2023:

  • 23th of March
  • 20th of April
  • 25th of May
  • 22th of June
  • 13th of July

To register for the test, please send the Registration form via e-mail to mba@h-da.de. You will receive further information along with your registration confirmation. Please note, that a registration is only possible in conjunction with an application for our program of study!

The test will take approximately 90 minutes.

It will evaluate the following branches of your language-capability:

  •     Reading capability
  •     Writing capability
  •     Conversational capability

You will receive a Link to a website where your test will take place. You have to make sure that the lecture can see you.  At the beginning, the lecture will ask you to hold up your ID.

With this test, we intend to assess your current capability of the english language and if your language abilities will be sufficient to follow the lectures of our MBA-Programme. Therefore, particular preparation for the test is not necessary. If you still want to practice though, we recommend taking any opportunities to engage actively in the english language. For example: Speaking english in your company on a regular basis is the best form of preparation.

We charge a handling fee of 50€. You have to make sure that you transfer the handling fee before the test starts. About 3 days before the Test date.